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Hey Bookworms! I'm asking for your help to get me to read 100 Books in a Year! Check the list I have created and buy me a book to read towards my goal of reading 100 Books this year! All you need to do is cover the cost of the book and I'll read it! I will read the book live on my livestream, write a review, and place the information of the persons Avatar/Username on the screen to let everyone know who bought me the book to read! I will keep it on the screen until I finish the book! I can also make it as donated by ANONYMOUS if you prefer. OR Do you have a favorite book you would like me to read, write a review, and document the journey on my livestream? I would love for you to buy me the book to cover the cost and that way I can document the journey on my livestream while saying who it is from and place it on the screen for others to see it is from a generous donation from you!