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Farewell YouTube and Study Fanatics

This is a bittersweet message to send out to all my subscribers. My time here on this side of YouTube has perhaps come to a close. While you should never say never - things can change of course; I can say that I am moving forward with no intention of returning to the platform in this community. I do, however; want to give to each and every single person who has followed my channel and supported me a huge extended thank you. From both myself, and from my good pup, Linus. Thank you. Thank you for all the love, care, encouragement and support you have given to me and my pup Linus. While I will not return to YouTube, I still will be on discord in our PAXFAM Discord as a way to keep that part of our community alive. You may see me there on occasion. So, if you'd like you can be with our PAXFAM Discord community. Thank you again to everyone for the memories, the long hours of working hard completing tasks together and celebrating together. I wish you all nothing but the very best and perhaps one day, our paths will come in contact once again. Until that time, remember to be kind, and to rewind. Hadouken. God bless you all. -Paximus

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